Burning Bush

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

There can be no one more prolific in suspenseful solo piano music around today, other than the amazing Victor Birkan. The good news is he has a new single out called Burning Bush, and this delicious composition seems to take us all on a mystical journey with Middle Eastern flavourers.

There can be no doubt that Birkan is one of the most fluent composers of his day, and with each and every composition, a flavourful arrangement can be found, here on Burning Bush we sense within his performance, something quite magical is unfurling.

It’s truly worth listening to how the creator manifests a wonderful interplay between light and dark on this stunning new offering, one that I believe will be a huge success for him on the singles chart.


Magic Bird

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

The fluency of pianist Victor Birkan is something to be treasured and admired, and here on his latest single he continues that artistic theme with his latest release Magic Bird. Utilising the felt piano to draw a mysterious narrative, Birkan paints a short form picture of a mysterious feathered creature.

Birkan’s performances are always a delight to behold, and once more the master builder of solo piano compositions has brought into the world, a composition that will intrigue the audience, one that will be riveted by its magical storytelling and its suspense filled arrangement.



Between Night and Day

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

Victor Birkan is a prolific composer of intelligent and colourful solo piano compositions; Between Night and Day is his latest single, and a mysterious new arrangement drifts before us like a late November fog, so what lays between night and day? What walks in the halls of this realm of half-light, all can be imagined here by listening to this masterpiece of a musical narrative, one that takes you on a journey through sight and sound.

Birkan’s performances are full of rich textures, notes and tones, and this new single is certainly a fine example of that aforementioned statement, the presentation will take the listener on a journey, it will encapsulate its audience, and will mesmerize all who listen, with its magical mystery tour of sublime solo piano.


Fly With Me

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

There is something about a Victor Birkan performance that is so graphic, so pleasing to the senses; he plays with a passion and a tale to tell, and does so with such a dramatic flourish, especially on this latest single entitled Fly With Me.

Birkan is a masterful pianist, one who simply demands to be listened to, and once the senses are opened, he takes you on a musical voyage through the medium of his solo piano performance like no other.

Fly With Me is a full flowing piano presentation that allows us the listeners to be swept up in its drama and intrigue, it gifts us the moment of inventing the narrative to accompany the music, and manifests a passionate performance that is simply undeniable. 


Empty Windows

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

Pianist Victor Birkan has been in fine form lately and his muse is working overtime to bring us some of the most passionate and colourful solo piano around, and now the artist has a new single called Empty Windows for us to lose ourselves within.

There is something quite haunting about this piece that will draw you in as a listener, and there can be no doubt that Birkan has a style that is both flourishing and moody, this masterful composition perhaps draws a narrative of an old home, where all that is left are dusty memories and of course Empty Windows, this is a classy performance by the artist, one I am sure will be thoroughly enjoyed by the legions of solo piano fans around the globe. 


His Last Melody

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

The new single from pianist Victor Birkan is upon us and entitled His Last Melody, Birkan is a fluent composer of classy solo piano pieces, but on His Last Melody we may well have seen the artist’s best work thus far, as this moody and reflective opus has all the hallmarks of a truly great cinematic arrangement.

The slow and careful approach grows to an impressive level of intensity and then drifts back into a mist filled arena, this is without doubt a presentation of outstanding textured and artistic intelligence, and just to add to the flavour of the song, take a look at the art work for the single, and then gaze at it while you repeat play, it is stunningly haunting, but you will have to buy the single to find that out for yourself of course!

His Last Melody by Victor Birkan is the pianist’s finest creation so far, and I can see this becoming a fan favourite, and a huge hit for the pianist.


Previous Life

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

Victor Birkan has a new single on offer for all to enjoy and this mysterious new single is a felt piano creation that has a wonderfully artistic energy to its creation. This is also a clever composition, one that manifests an upbeat tempo, but also retains a crafted sense of reflection built into the weave of the song.

Birkan’s flowing muse has created several new singles this year alone, and perhaps Previous Life could well be one of the most thought provoking, and as such, fans of the solo piano genre, will find this a must to have within their collections.


Words In The Darkness

Written by Steve Sheppard

The latest single from pianist Victor Birkan has fallen upon my desk, and this graceful performance is something to truly admire, as Words in the Darkness must be one of the most emotive compositions in the solo piano genre I have heard for quite some time.

Birkan’s offering has elements of a reflective sadness within its weave, and with ease, this could be a segment for an old Film Noir movie from yesteryear, but there is even more to this crafted arrangement, as one can also feel a certain European mood in the tapestry of this crafted composition as well.

One can only hope that Words In The Darkness by Victor Birkan receives the respect that it is due over the weeks ahead, and perhaps even a positive chart placing as well may occur, for this new single by the artist is incredibly stylish and thoughtfully produced.


Waltz in the Desert (Written by Steve Sheppard)

Victor Birkan has a new single out and its tones are wonderfully artistic, as are its flowing peaks and troughs of vibrancy, like a dune across the widest of deserts, or the dance of wind and sand, perhaps the movement of the moon and stars on a warm summers night, great imagery can be found here in this flowing solo piano performance.

The delicate touch on the keys allow for a sensitive frame of mind to consider the colours and narrative of this craft-fully created piece. Waltz in the Desert by Victor Birkan is fascinating arrangement by the artist, one that could be used in a film segment perhaps, but certainly a song that should resonate with the legions of solo piano fans across the globe with ease.


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