The Power of Improvising


Victor Birkan

Victor Birkan resides in Beer-Sheva, Israel. He obtained classical music education in St. Petersburg, Russia, but started to record and publish his music only in 2018. Preferred genre – improvised piano miniatures and arrangements, with very minor computer editing, no effects – just absolutely spontaneous, really “handmade” music.

If you want to support Victor Birkan, you may do it on his bandcamp page

Words In The Darkness

Written by Steve Sheppard The latest single from pianist Victor Birkan has fallen upon my desk, and this graceful performance is something to truly admire, as Words in the Darkness must be one of the most emotive compositions in the solo piano...

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Waltz in the Desert (Written by Steve Sheppard)

Victor Birkan has a new single out and its tones are wonderfully artistic, as are its flowing peaks and troughs of vibrancy, like a dune across the widest of deserts, or the dance of wind and sand, perhaps the movement of the moon and stars on a warm summers...

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